TextGraphs-8 2013: Program

8:50 AM    Opening Remarks
   Session One
9:00 AM    Invited talk: Opportunities for Graph-based Machine Reading
Oren Etzioni
10:05 AM    Event-Centered Information Retrieval Using Kernels on Event Graphs
Goran Glavas and Jan Snajder
10:20 AM    JoBimText Visualizer: A Graph-based Approach to Contextualizing Distributional Similarity
Chris Biemann,  Bonaventura Coppola,  Michael R. Glass,  Alfio Gliozzo,  Matthew Hatem,  Martin Riedl
10:30 AM    Coffee Break and Demo
   Session Two
11:00 AM    Merging Word Senses
Sumit Bhagwani,  Shrutiranjan Satapathy,  Harish Karnick
11:25 AM    Reconstructing Big Semantic Similarity Networks
Ai He,  Shefali Sharma,  Chun-Nan Hsu
11:50 AM    Graph-Based Unsupervised Learning of Word Similarities Using Heterogeneous Feature Types
Avneesh Saluja and Jiri Navratil
12:15 PM    From Global to Local Similarities: A Graph-Based Contextualization Method using Distributional Thesauri
Martin Riedl and Chris Biemann
12:30 PM    Lunch Break
   Session Three
2:00 PM    Invited talk: Extracting Tractable Probabilistic Knowledge Graphs from Text
Pedro Domingos
3:05 PM    Understanding seed selection in bootstrapping
Yo Ehara,  Issei Sato,  Hidekazu Oiwa,  Hiroshi Nakagawa
3:30 PM    Coffee Break
   Session Four
4:00 PM    Graph-Structures Matching for Review Relevance Identification
Lakshmi Ramachandran and Edward Gehringer
4:25 PM    Automatic Extraction of Reasoning Chains from Textual Reports
Gleb Sizov and Pinar Öztürk
4:50 PM    Graph-based Approaches for Organization Entity Resolution in MapReduce
Hakan Kardes,  Deepak Konidena,  Siddharth Agrawal,  Micah Huff,  Ang Sun
5:15 PM    A Graph-Based Approach to Skill Extraction from Text
Ilkka Kivimäki,  Alexander Panchenko,  Adrien Dessy,  Dries Verdegem,  Pascal Francq,  Hugues Bersini,  Marco Saerens
5:40 PM    Closing Remarks