TextGraphs-9: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing


Wednesday October 29, 2014

9:00Welcome and Introduction
9:10Keynote Talk by Prof. Mohammed J. Zaki
10:15Normalized Entity Graph for Computing Local Coherence
Mohsen Mesgar and Michael Strube
10:30Coffee break
11:00Exploiting Timegraphs in Temporal Relation Classification
Natsuda Laokulrat, Makoto Miwa and Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
11:25Multi-document Summarization Using Bipartite Graphs
Daraksha Parveen and Michael Strube
11:50A Novel Two-stage Framework for Extracting Opinionated Sentences from News Articles
Pujari Rajkumar, Swara Desai, Niloy Ganguly and Pawan Goyal
12:15Constructing Coherent Event Hierarchies from News Stories
Goran Glavaš and Jan Šnajder
14:00Invited Talk by Prof. Partha Talukdar
Title: Graph-based methods for Web-scale Knowledge Harvesting
15:05Semi-supervised Graph-based Genre Classification for Web Pages
Noushin Rezapour Asheghi, Katja Markert and Serge Sharoff
15:30Coffee break
16:00The Modular Community Structure of Linguistic Predication Networks
Aaron Gerow and James Evans
16:25From Visualisation to Hypothesis Construction for Second Language Acquisition
Shervin Malmasi and Mark Dras